Team's Philosophy

PharmaTrad was established in 2003 as a team of freelance translators specialising in medical translations.

Why a team?

We soon recognised that one freelance translator was unable to fulfil our clients differing requirements simultaneously, i.e. translate extremely varied texts requiring different skills and, therefore, translators specialising in specific areas. We therefore formed a team: to provide a pool of skills and competencies to clients working in medicine and pharmacology and other related areas.

Why not a translation agency?

So, why not a translation agency with offices and dedicated staff? We were looking for a more flexible solution using technology, which still allowed us to work together, combine our experience, and share our knowledge and professionalism.

What do we consider essential?

– Attention to quality and detail
– Use of appropriate terminology to meet the requirements of each individual client
– Continuing professional development both in the field of translation and in medicine and pharmacology, but also in other related fields (such as medical statistics and epidemiology, pharmacoeconomics, biotechnology and genetics)
– Keeping up to date with professional tools and technical resources

What is our goal?

Our goal is to guarantee our clients impeccable quality at the highest possible level, underpinned by our standard operating procedures that are fully aligned with the requirements of European quality standard EN 15038.